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This Trick Question Quiz Will Stump You! (Or Will It?)

Are you a master of logic? Check this absolute brain-melter of a trivia quiz and find out if you can answer all 10 questions without getting tripped up!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 16th 2022

This quiz is super confusing*! We've written 10 questions that are designed to perplex and bamboozle even the toughest quiz nut. Do you fancy yourself as having a brain no riddle can hoodwink? Or is your head spinning just reading that sentence? Whatever you like to wrap your noggin round, these questions will really test you! Ready to try it out? Let's go!

*Or is it?

**Yes it is.


What gets wetter the more it dries?


What word is spelled incorrectly in every single dictionary?


What occurs once in a year, twice in a week, but never in a day?

4/10 A bowl of cereal

Barry's dad has 3 sons. Snap, Crackle, and... who?


What word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?


What starts with โ€œeโ€ and ends with another โ€œeโ€ but only has one letter in it?


Harry has a bowl with 7 apples. You remove 3. How many do you have?

8/10 A hot dog

If 3 kids can eat 3 hot dogs in 3 minutes, how many minutes would it take 100 kids to eat 100 hot dogs?


If you had 1 match and went in a dark room with an oil lamp, some wood and a newspaper, which would you light first?


What will you actually find at the end of every rainbow?

Noooooo! You got tricked all over the place there! Bah! You'd better have another go and see where you went wrong! What a shame... but never mind! Just try again! And if you don't fancy it, we have loads more quizzes to try instead! Go on!

Pretty good! You didn't get every question right, but this was a great effort! Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can do a bit better. If you don't fancy it, we have loads more quizzes to try instead!

Really good work! This is an excellent score! You really know your stuff! You did slip up on a couple of questions - but this whole quiz was designed to do that, so great job! Do you fancy seeing if you can score higher on a different quiz? We have lots more!

Amazing! Full marks! Very impressive! You really know how to answer those trick questions - you didn't slip up at all! Have you heard any of these trick questions before? Or are you just naturally gifted? Either way, let's see if you can get 10/10 on a different trivia quiz too!