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Epic Tricky Duck Quiz

Are you completely quackers about ducks? Then try our epic tricky duck quiz and see just how much you know about these feathered fowl! How well will you do?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 3rd 2021

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1/10 Duck on ice with  beano otter and yellow splat

What kind of animal is a duck?

2/10 Duck and rubber duck on water

What do ducks eat?

3/10 Lots of ducks with yellow splats

How many different species of duck are there?

4/10 Ducks diving with yellow splats

True or false: a grebe is a type of duck?

5/10 Duck looking out of bushes

What does the name 'duck' mean?

6/10 Duck and goose on yellow background

What is a baby duck called?

7/10 Duck looking at Beano pigeon

Is a drake a male or female duck?

8/10 Question marks on rubber duck background

Which one of these is not a real type of duck?

9/10 Duck on water with arrow pointing to feet

Why do they have webbed feet?

10/10 Duck with Beano microphone

True or false: duck quacks don't echo?

Quacking result

Quacking work! You've done amazing!

Well done result

Well done, you didn't DUCK out of this one!

Try again result

Not bad, but you can do better! Have another go and see if you learn anything new about ducks!

Oh no result

Uh oh, looks like you've been unducky! Try again!