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Trivia Quiz: Are You a Roblox Genius?

How much do you know about the world of Roblox? Find out by taking this tricky quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/10 Roblox money

What currency is used in Roblox?

2/10 A really old computer

What computer programme is used to create Roblox games?

3/10 A Roblox house

Where are the Roblox headquarters?

4/10 A shrugging man

Roblox was launched in 2004, but under what name?

5/10 A blue visor hat

What word is featured on the Roblox visor hat?

6/10 A Roblox character

What colour were the tickets before they were removed from the game?

7/10 Roblox Builder's Club

If you subscribe to Builder's Club, you're allowed to make more than one place. True or false?

8/10 A Bricksmith badge

How many places must you visit in order receive the Bricksmith badge?

9/10 A Roblox scene
Roblox | YouTube

What status do you receive after playing Roblox for one year?

10/10 A well dressed gentleman surrounded by confetti

Which game was the first to achieve 1 billion visits?

Oh dear

Oh dear! You've clearly taken this quiz by accident. Have another go soon!

Good effort

Good effort! While your result wasn't at a genius level, you did pretty well!

Great work

Great work! You just missed out on a perfect score. Why not have another go? We believe in you.


Genius! You literally know everything about Roblox. Wow!