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Trivia Quiz: Can You Guess Which U.S. Region Uses These Weird Food Names?

Where do these weird names come from?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

Most people call this ice cream topping "sprinkles". What crazy area refers to them as jimmies?


Americans have many words for their carbonated beverages. Who says what?


What do people in Texas call batter fried on a griddle?


In which state do people ACTUALLY use the word flapjack instead of pancake?


Which three regions are known for using the word "supper"?


What body part word does the state of Illinois uniquely call the last piece of bread?


At Thanksgiving, which region distinguishes between stuffing (cooked inside the bird) and dressing (cooked outside the bird)?


Which two regions are at odds between the words "frosting" and "icing" to describe... the tastiest thing ever?


Which ridiculously non-Mango-like food do midwesterners call a mango?


Which extraordinarily fancy name do midwesterners have for jelly doughnuts?

You're a baby when it comes to food. You don't know anything-- you just eat what's in front of you. Time to learn, baby!

You're a food amateur. You may have baked cookies once or twice, but you don't have any real knowledge about cooking or terminology.

You're no expert, but you know A LOT about food. You could even open a food truck!

You are an EXPERT on food. You could open a five-star restaurant, and fill the seats every day with your incredible knowledge!