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How Well Do You Know Dangthatsalongname?

What's your trivia like when it comes to YouTube gaming legend Scott Major? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 Dangthatsalongname's Scott Major
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube/Twitter

Dangthatsalongname’s real name is Scott Major. But what does Scott mean?

2/10 Dangthatsalongname's YouTube title page
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube

When did he launch his YouTube channel?

3/10 Dangthatsalongname's very first YouTube video
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube

What was the title of his very first video?

4/10 A man counting a large number

How old is Scott in Venusian years?


5/10 When did he start uploading videos featuring The Sims 3 game?

6/10 Harmony Hollow
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube

Why did he get into trouble while playing Harmony Hollow?

7/10 Dangthatsalongname holds up his merchandise

What has been his most popular video as of April 2019?

8/10 Dangthatsalongname and a unicorn
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube

According to a Q &A video in 2014, what superpowers would he like to have?

9/10 Dangthatsalongname waves at the camera
Dangthatsalongname | YouTube

Scott was born with an extra finger which makes it easier for him to play video games. True or false?


10/10 Scott plays the modded Minecraft game One Life. What makes this game so tense?

Result: Oh dear
dangthatsalongname | YouTube

Oh dear! Did a small cat walk across your device while you were trying to answer the questions?

Result: Good try
dangthatsalongname | Twitter

Good try! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score?

Result: Great work
dangthatsalongname | YouTube

Great work! You just missed out on a perfect score. Which questions did you guess incorrectly?

Result: Amazing
dangthatsalongname | YouTube | Twitter

Amazing! The only way you could have got a perfect score is if your name is Scott Major!