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Trivia Quiz: Gaming Live – How Well Do You Know Joe Tasker?

Do you know everything about YouTuber Joe Tasker? Take the quiz and find out once and for all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/10 Perrie Edwards and Joe Tasker / Joe Tasker | YouTube

Joe was born on July 30, 1993. Does that make him younger or older than Little Mix's Perrie Edwards?

2/10 A baby wearing headphones

On the day he was born, who was at Number One in the singles chart?

3/10 An old school arcade machine

Which video game was voted 1993’s Game Of The Year by Electronic Gaming Monthly?

4/10 Joe Tasker reacts to this tricky question
Joe Tasker | YouTube

He joined YouTube on April 26, 2013. What day of the week was that?

5/10 Joe hiding behind a tree

According to his YouTube channel, what was the the first video he uploaded?

6/10 Joe studied at Teeside University
Teeside University

Joe studied at Teeside University. Which of the following have NOT studied there?

7/10 Joe Tasker eats some snacks
Joe Tasker | YouTube

As of April 2019, how many people subscribe to his YouTube channel?

8/10 A rock climber on a very steep ledge

Joe Tasker shares his name with a legendary British climber. True or false?

9/10 Jupiter

On the planet Jupiter, when would Joe's next birthday be?

10/10 Joe Tasker dressed as a newsreader and making faces at the camera
Joe Tasker | YouTube

Where does Joe stand on the controversial 'pineapple on pizza' debate?

Oh dear
Joe Tasker | YouTube

Oh dear! What happened? Did you close your eyes and press any button? Have another go!

Good try

Good try! Some tricky questions in there, but you got a respectable score!

Great work

Great work! You almost got a perfect score. Why not have another go? Joe's little mate believes in you.

Joe Tasker | YouTube

Amazing! The only way you could have got this score is if you're Joe Tasker or some sort of boffin!