Trivia Quiz: Gaming Live - How Well Do You Know SeaPeeKay?

How much do you know about YouTube gaming legend Callum Knight? Take the quiz and find out!

Image by Louis Tomlinson/ Twitter | SeaPeeKay/YouTube

SeaPeeKay and Louis Tomlinson are both from Doncaster. Who was born first?

Image by SeaPeeKay | Tenor

In April 2019, SeaPeeKay had how many YouTube followers?

Image by SeaPeeKay | YouTube

On which day of the week did SeaPeeKay officially launch his YouTube channel?

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How old is SeaPeeKay - in dog years?


SeaPeeKay has a Siberian Husky called Lily, named after Lily Potter. Do you know what the character's Patronus is?

Image by SeaPeeKay | YouTube

When did SeaPeeKay introduce his new dog to his viewers?

Image by SeaPeeKay | YouTube

SeaPeeKay has a tattoo of a fox. How long did it take to do? 

Image by Joey Graceffa | YouTube

He got a fox because it's the same as his Minecraft skin. True or false?

Image by SeaPeeKay | YouTube

Which game won the Golden Joystick Awards the year SeaPeeKay was born?

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What did SeaPeeKay do to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records?

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