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How Well Do You Know Ariana Grande?

Test your Ariana Grande trivia knowledge by taking this blam Ariana Grande quiz! How well do you know Ariana Grande? We're about to find out...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 12th 2022

We all know her, we all love her... it's pop star, actor, influencer and animal lover Ariana Grande! Find out if you're her number one fan with this pop- have to know all about her music, her life and her hobbies to get full marks on this one!

Are you Ariana Grande's biggest fan? This quiz will tell reveal if you're an expert or not!

Let's get going, Grande fans!

Let's see how much you know about Ariana Grande!

1/26 A Beano version of Ariana Grande

What's her full name?

2/26 A dog enjoying some Halloween lights

What does Ariana think about Halloween?


3/26 Which of these natural things does Ariana love most?

4/26 A person thinking about Ariana Grande

Fill in the blank: Ariana is ___.

5/26 A birthday cake

When is Ariana's birthday?

6/26 A man with a TV for a head

Ariana Grande debuted on which Nickelodeon show?

7/26 A TV with a question mark

Which show did she star in from 2013 to 2014?

8/26 A recording studio

By 2022, how many albums has Ariana Grande released?

9/26 A boy thinking

What did Ariana call her first album before it was called Yours Truly?

10/26 A person listening to music on headphones

What was Ariana's first No. 1 album?

11/26 Puppies in a basket

Ariana actually has 9 pet dogs! Can you name just 3 of them?

12/26 A painter holding a paint colour chart

Ariana's favourite colour is…

13/26 Rollercoaster

Ariana is terrified of heights, but loves rollercoasters. True or false?

14/26 A person eating popcorn watching a movie

What is Ariana's favourite type of film?

15/26 A woman deciding on something

What record did Ariana Grande just break with her song, Thank U, Next?

16/26 People at a concert

What was the charity concert she did in Manchester called?

17/26 A calendar

In which year was she born?

18/26 Signs of the zodiac

What is her star sign?

19/26 A map of America depicting all the states

In which American state was she born?

20/26 A cat, possibly meowing

She is allergic to cats. True or false?

21/26 A person making a heart shape with their hands a pop concert

What are Ariana Grande's fans called?

22/26 A school corridor

What was her favourite school subject?


23/26 Which of the following is her favourite board game?

24/26 Ariana Grande in Victorious
Victorious | Schneider's Bakery, Sony Music Entertainment, Nickelodeon Productions

What was the name of her character on the Nickelodeon comedy Victorious?

25/26 A pop singer

Who performed at the first-ever pop concert she attended?

26/26 Ariana Grande

What is the title of her 2019 album?

Result: Oh no

Oh dear! Were you too busy singing along to Ariana Grande's hits to pay full attention to the questions in the quiz. We think you can do better. Have another go – we believe in you!

Result: Good try

Good try! You did pretty well and showed you know more about Ariana Grande than the average music fan. Not the score you wanted? Have another try!

Result: Great work

Great work! You know loads about Ariana Grande don't you? Do you think you could have done even better? Why not have another go?

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a total Ariana Grande boffin. The only way you could have scored more points if there were more questions – which you definitely would have answered correctly!