Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Sloths?

Are you an expert on the, um, most nimble of mammals, the sloth? Find out by taking this amazing quiz!

How much do you know about these lazy creatures?

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In the wild, how many hours do sloths sleep per day?


A sloth's scientific name is Bradypus. What does that mean in Greek?

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How much faster are sloths swimming than walking?


Sloths are arboreal, which means its habitat is made up of what?

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How long can it take for a sloth to digest a single meal?

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Would you ever go on a protest march about something you felt strongly about?

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How many times does a sloth poo during the week?

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Sloths are the world's slowest mammal. True or false?


Why would a sloth come down from their tree? 

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Sloths are linked to armadillos and anteaters. True or false? 


A two-toed sloth has many fingers?

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