Trivia Quiz: How Well do You Know Cole and Sav From The LaBrant Family?

How much do you know about Cole and Sav LaBrant? Find out by taking this awesome quiz!

Can you get a perfect score?

Image by cole.labrant | Instagram

When is Cole's birthday? 

Image by sav.labrant | Instagram

What is Sav short for?


Which American state does Sav come from? 

Image by The LaBrant Fam | YouTube

How many people subscribe to their YouTube channel?


In which state do the LaBrant family live?

Totally Random Question

Would you ever go on a protest march about something you felt strongly about?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.
Image by cole.labrant | Instagram

In 2016, who did he compete alongside in The Amazing Race 28?

Image by Cole LaBrant

Before meeting Sav, who did Cole invite to his senior prom via a video message in 2015?

Image by sav.labrant | Instagram

How many people subscribe to Sav's Instagram page?

Image by The LaBrant Fam | YouTube

The LaBrants welcomed a new addition into the family. What is the baby's name?

Image by The LaBrant Fam | YouTube

What is the name of the LaBrant's white micro teacup Pomeranian puppy?

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