Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dan And Phil?

Think you know everything about this YouTube duo? Take the quiz and find out once and for all!

How well will you do?

Image by AmazingPhil | YouTube

What are Dan and Phil’s surnames?

Image by DanAndPhilGames | YouTube

On which radio station did the pair have their own show?

Image by DanAndPhilGames | YouTube

What was their internet series called?

Image by AmazingPhil | YouTube

True or false: Phil used to be a dog walker

Image by Daniel Howell | YouTube

What was the name of the book the pair released in 2015?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to “see” your friends?

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Image by AmazingPhil | YouTube

What is Phil’s YouTube channel called?

Image by AmazingPhil | YouTube

They also released a photo book the following year. Can you name it?

Image by DanAndPhilCRAFTS | YouTube

Why did they launch a spin-off channel called DanAndPhilCRAFTS?

Image by spotsvstripes | YouTube

In 2011, Phil won a Guinness World Record for what?

Image by Dan and Phil | YouTube

What is Dan and Phil's gaming channel called?

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