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How Well do You Know Tekkerz Kid?

Think you know everything about this young footie legend? Take the quiz and find out for yourself!

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  July 9th 2019

How many will you answer correctly?

1/10 Tekkerz Kid interviewing a WWE star for his YouTube channel
Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

Which WWE star did Tekkerz Kid interview in December 2017?

2/10 Tekkerz Kid standing in front of a Christmas tree
Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

At which film premiere did he meet them at?

3/10 Birmingham City's badge set against a football pitch

Tekkerz plays for Birmingham City’s academy. Which football stadium do the first team play at?

4/10 Tekkerz Kid
Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

At which BBC event will he appear this August?

5/10 Tekkerz Kid at home on his sofa
Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

In February, Tekkerz Kid had “two words” for you on his Twitter account. What were they?

6/10 Tekkerz Kid's brother is a YouTube gamer

His big brother has a YouTube gaming channel. What's it called?

7/10 Tekkerz Kid and his sisters
Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

Can you name his two sisters? 

8/10 Tekkerz Kid
tekkerzkid | Instagram

Tekkerz Kid's real name is Lorenzo Greer. But what is his middle name?

9/10 Star signs

What star sign is he?

10/10 Tekkerz Kid on the show Own It

Tekkerz Kid appeared with which Manchester United star on the BBC show Own It?

Oh dear
tekkerzkid | Instagram

Oh dear! If this was a penalty, you'd have kicked the ball into the stand!

Good try
tekkerzkid | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go and see if you can get an even bigger score?

Great job
tekkerzkid | Instagram

Great job! You know a fair bit of stuff about Tekkerz Kid!

tekkerzkid | Instagram

Champ! You're a true Tekkerz Kid fan!

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