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Take a Peek at This True or False: Picture Quiz!

Are these 10 pictures telling you porky pies? Test your general knowledge with these tremendous true or false pics!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 3rd 2024

Cast your eyes on these 10 pics! We've got tomatoes, pyramids, mystery monkeys - all sorts! Can you answer these tricky true or false questions all about them? You'd better trust your eyes and noggin' - because it's picture quiz o'clock!

Saddle up, picture fans!

1/10 Some juicy tomatoes

This is a type of fruit. True or false?

2/10 A big ol' red lobster

This is an insect. True or false?


These are rugby balls. True or false?


This dinosaur is called a Triceratops. True or false?


There are no monkeys in this picture. True or false?


There are two monkeys in this picture. True or false?

7/10 The pyramids

This is in Africa. True or false?


This is a made up animal. True or false?

9/10 A really big, long wall

This is Hadrian's wall, in Scotland. True or false?


This is a burger, not a bagel. True or false?

Nooo! Unlucky! Did you overthink it? Or underthink it? Either way you'd better have another go and see if you can score a little higher next time round! Good luck! You can do it!

Nice job! You worked a lot of these pictures out! Good knowledge! A few slipped past you but that's alright. Do you think you could score higher if you had another go? There's only one way to find out!

Amazing! These pictures didn't fool you! You know loads about... general stuff. Well done! You only slipped up on one or two... do you know which ones? Let's see if you can score higher on a different picture quiz!

Wow! Amazing score! You passed this picture quiz with flying colours! A perfect 10/10! Great work, clever clogs! Do you thnk you could match this incredible score on a different picture quiz? Let's find out!