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Try Not To Get Scared! It’s the UNTAMED Scary Special

Emma and Niko are back on UNTAMED and this week it's the world's most terrifying animals. Are you brave enough to watch?

This week’s episode of UNTAMED is all about SCARY animals! But can you make it to the end of the video without getting freaked out? We’re talking spiders, giant crabs and octopuses… test yourself now!

You won’t believe the creepy creatures that live in your house…There’s bed bugs, silverfish and eyelash mites – that’s right, you heard correctly! These gross critters live on everyone’s eyelashes – EW!

Oh and did you know Emma is actually a parselmouth?! In this week’s episode you’ll get to see her chat to a snake who wants to be an actor!

AND don’t forget about our awesome competition! Count the number of times you spotted the picture of the frog throughout the episode and you could win an awesome Frog Bike!

Enter to win here: ENTER COMP PAGE LINK

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