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Try These Amazing Camping Hacks!

Heading to the woods this summer? Then you'll need these helpful camping tips and tricks

1. DIY Night Light

Put a glow stick into an empty water bottle and it works like a lamp, giving you extra light. 

2. Soft Floor

If you still have your old soft play mats from when you were little, they make great soft flooring for the inside of your tent. That grass can be hard!

3. Make a Whistle

The tops of acorns make great whistles if you want to signal to your friends in the woods. 

4. Camp Bed Hack

Don’t have a fancy camping bed? Well, flat pool floats do the same job! And they look a lot more fun. 

5. Keep Bugs Away

Some string, charms, and citronella or tea tree oil is all you need to make a bracelet that can keep mosquitos and other bugs away.