Turning Famous People into Emojis!

The Emoji-nator 5000 has been hard at work turning these famous people into emoji form!

Ed Sheeran!

The Emoji-nator 5000 handles our first task with ease.

It’s quite simple, you feed a photo of your celebrity into the funnel at the front of the machine, step back and watch the magic happen

Boom! A smiley Ed Sheeran emoji!

Ed Sheeran as an emoji
Image by teddysphotos | Instagram

Ariana Grande!

This emoji creation was a little trickier because of Ariana's bunny ears – the Emoji-nator 5000 initially thought that this was a famous rabbit

Ariana Grande as an emoji
Image by arianagrande | Instagram


The Emoji-nator 5000 enjoyed this task as it's a huge fan of the grime star

The emoji was created in less than a second because the machine had already made a Stormzy emoji for sending to their mates!

Stormzy as an emoji
Image by stormzyofficial | Instagram

Wonder Woman!

The Emoji-nator 5000 can also make emojis of superheroes, too

Check out her cool tiara!

Wonder Woman as an emoji
Image by Warner Bros

Paul Pogba!

The  Emoji-nator 5000 loves a bit of footie and is a huge Manchester United fan – that's lucky!

Paul Pogba as an emoji
Image by paulpogba | Instagram


We fancied seeing if the The Emoji-nator 5000 could create an emoji of the most famous plumber in the world – the other being Luigi of course!

With a few whirrs and clicks, we were given this awesome Mario emoji. Love the moustache!

Mario as an emoji
Image by Nintendo


What about another singing legend? How about this emoji of Adele belting out one of her hits?

You're welcome!

Adele as an emoji
Image by adele | Instagram

Captain Underpants!

We've already had one superhero in the shape of Wonder Woman, but how about one the greatest caped crusader ever?

No, we don't mean Batman. We're talking Captain Underpants, of course!

Captain Underpants as an emoji
Image by Dreamworks Animation


We had to finish off our emoji project with Beanotown's cheekiest hero – Dennis!

We're not sure what happened here. We followed the instructions as before, gave the Emoji-nator 5000 a great pic of Dennis and something weird started to happen!

It made loads of noise and smoke started to pour out of the machine before producing loads of Dennis heads! 

It seems that Dennis is too cheeky for cutting-edge technology!

Dennis the Menace as an emoji

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