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Can you throw some light on why these things could be a threat to turtles?


This is the largest turtle species. What's it called?


Curve ball: Which of these turtles is Donatello?


Which of these is a turtle?

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Which of these do you have YOUR OWN account or profile for?

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This sea turtle is the most endangered of all turtles. What's it called?

Image by 101 Dalmations | Walt Disney Studios | Disney

Unbelievably some people like to wear jewellery made from which sea turtle’s shell?


Which of these human activities can harm turtles

Image by Jurassic Park | Universal Pictures | Amblin Entertainment | Steven Spielberg

Turtles have been on earth as long as

Image by The Guardian | Giphy

How can I help save turtles when I live so far away

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