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The Ultimate 2000s Quiz For 2000s Kids

Were you paying attention during the 2000s? Don't worry - neither was anyone else! Test your knowledge of the coolest decade ever with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 15th 2021

Do you know your CD walkman gadgets from your smelly gel pens? Take this quiz to find out!

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Which of these kinds of trousers were popular in the 2000s?


Which of these wizards was the biggest deal in the 2000s?


In 2000's slang, what are 'rents?


What on earth is this thing?


What was Limewire used for?


Finish the name of this 2000's band. S Club___?

@olympics | giphy

Where was the 2008 Olympics?


What was Myspace?


What kind of gel pens were popular in the 2000s?


Guess the 2000s genre! "P__ P___"

Oh no! You weren't paying attention during the 2000s AT ALL! Never mind. Try another quiz?

Not bad! You were at least alive during the 2000s, even if you weren't paying much attention. Right?

Good work! You nailed this quiz! Can you get full marks on a different one?

Woooooah! High score over here! You know loads about the 2000s!