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The Ultimate Airpods Quiz

How much do you know about Airpods, the ultimate wireless headphones? Take our ultimate quiz and see if you're an Airpod egghead or not! How well will you do?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 11th 2022

Take our awesome Airpods quiz and test your tech-knowledgy!

1/12 Apple laughing on red and yellow background

Who makes Airpods?

2/12 Man with airpods on pink background with splat

What makes them special?

3/12 Old headphones, radio and tv with smiley face on microphone

What year were they first released?

4/12 Airpod in ear with yellow arrow

True or false: You can use Airpods with non Apple products?

5/12 Charger full of plugs with arrow

How much charge do Airpods hold?

6/12 Woman on yellow background holding airpods with splat and dog face

How many generations of Airpods have there been so far?

7/12 Dinosaur and microphone on black background

Do Airpods have a mic?

8/12 Man with airpods on purple background with derpy sloth

How do you charge Airpods?

9/12 Dolphin on watery background

True or false: Airpods are waterproof?

10/12 Airpods on white background with eyes

How many Airpods have been sold to date?

11/12 Screaming pineapple with headphones

Which of these is NOT an Airpod voice command?

12/12 Globe with face on space background

True or false: Airpods are the number one selling headphone in the world?


Woah, amazing work! You're an Airpod pro!


Well done, you probably own a pair of Airpods!


Not bad, but you could do better! Have another go and see if you learn anything new about Airpods!


Oh no! Are you sure you weren't thining of Air Bud, the lovable basketball playing dog? Try again!