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Ultimate American Football Quiz!

How's your NFL knowledge? Can you pass the test? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 5th 2024

What name is American Football also known by?


When was the first ever NFL match broadcast on Television? 


Who is known as ‘The Father of American Football’?


What is the ‘snap’? 


Where do the Rams hail from? 


 Who was the first professional American Football player? 


Which teams took part in what is called the ‘Greatest Game Ever Played’ in 1958


How old is the Super Bowl? 


What is the Vince Lombardi Trophy?


How many points is a ‘touchdown’ worth?  

Amazing! You got a perfect score... TOUCHDOWN! A true NFL brainbox, nobody has better knowledge of American football than you. Well done!

Pretty good! While not a clear victory - the Vince Lombardi trophy eludes you yet - you certainly know your way around the NFL. Well done!

Not so hot! While not the worst result, you have a lot to learn about american football before you're a true NFl whizz. Why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Oh dear! Not a great score - you certainly won't be reaching the Super Bowl any time soon. Never mind! Why not retake the quiz and improve your score?