Ultimate Fart Quiz!

Are you a bottom burp expert? Test your knowledge of fart trivia with this parp-tastic fart quiz!

Good luck!

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On average, how many times a day do humans fart?

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What is the name of the gas that makes our farts smell awful?

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Holding in a bottom burp can be bad for your health. True or false?

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Which type of fish communicate by farting?

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What is the name of someone who farts for a living? 

Totally Random Question

Would you say you have been MORE or LESS ACTIVE since the schools have been closed?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.
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There is a company called Shreddies who invented pants to stop your farts smelling. True or false?

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In which decade was the 'Whoopee Cushion' invented?

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Farts cannot catch fire. True or false?

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How many farts happen on earth every second?

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Why would chewing gum make you fart more?

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