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The Ultimate Football Quiz Questions

Footie! Test your football trivia knowledge now! Here's our best ever football quiz...

Some people say it’s the beautiful game – and that’s because it is. People in America call it soccer so they don’t get it confused with the other one. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing more exciting than a football-based trivia quiz!

The whistle has blown. Let’s go!

1/20 Anfeild
thisisanfield | Twitter

Which team play at Anfield?

2/20 The Red Devils

Which English Premier side are known as The Red Devils?

3/20 England FC

How many lions are on the England badge?

4/20 Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba | Twitter

Which international club does Paul Pogba play for?

5/20 A football fan

England have won the World Cup once. But in which year did they lift the trophy?

6/20 A football

How long is a game of professional football?

7/20 The referee shows the red card
proreferees | Twitter

What happens if a referee shows a player a red card?

8/20 A footballer celebrates a goal

True or false: a team are allowed more than 11 players on the pitch at any time

9/20 English women's national team
lionesses | Twitter

Who is the current captain of the English women's national team?

10/20 Black and white stripes

Which Premier League team are famous for wearing black and white stripes?


What kind of animal is featured on Leicester City's badge?

12/20 Victoria Beckham
victoriabeckham | Twitter

Which England legend is married to Victoria Beckham?

13/20 The flag of Brazil

How many times have Brazil won the World Cup?

14/20 Scottish Premiership

Which club won the Scottish Premiership in 2020?

15/20 Harry Kane
HKane | Twitter

Which team does Harry Kane play for?

16/20 An illustration of a canary

Which team are nicknamed The Canaries?

17/20 Football badge

Which Scottish team has a goal on their club badge?

18/20 FIFA world cup

How many teams play in the FIFA World Cup?

EA Sports

Which football star is on this cover of the FIFA 20 game?

20/20 St. James's Park

Which team play at St. James's Park?

Oh dear

Oh dear. Are you sure you like football?

Good effort

Good effort! Why not have another go?


Almost a perfect score! Have another go!


A perfect score! You must go to bed wearing football boots or something.

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