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Ultimate Football Referee Quiz

Referees get a hard time during a game of football. Can you do any better?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

You're the referee. The games about to start. What do you need check before you run onto the pitch.


Who gets to choose who kicks off?


Pheep! You blow for kick off. How long till halftime?


Someone is fouled in the penalty area. You blow the whistle and indicate a penalty is to be taken. Apart from the goalkeeper and the person taking the penalty,  where does everyone have to be.


The keeper rushes of his line before the kick is taken and saves the penalty. What now?


The other team is through on goal and a defender takes a pie from a spectator and throws it at the striker with the ball. It misses but she slips on the gravy and the ball trickles harmlessly wide. What now?


A player deliberately punches the ball into the opposition's goal. Now what?


Full time. How many minutes have we played?


Full time. Who won?


At the end of the game an angry manager questions your decisions. What do you say.

Red Card. An awful performance. You have to leave the ground in disguise. Let's never mention this game again. It didn't help that you came dressed as a tennis umpire.

Yellow Card. A classic refereeing performance. Both teams leave unhappy and blame you for things they did wrong. Typical

A Perfect Performance. The football was so flowing that no-one even noticed you were there. You leave the ground and no-one says thank you.