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The Ultimate Fortnite: Save the World Trivia Quiz

The world is in a bit of a state. Somebody needs to save it and this time Greta Thunberg's not available. It might have to be you! Yes, we're chatting about the new epic PVE action-building co-operative campaign, Fortnite Save The World. It's the game where you and your friends battle to hold back the monster hordes and explore a vast world, where no game is the same.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 6th 2021

If you can build a mahoosive fort, craft awesome weapons of extreme power, find the kind of loot that would make Elon Musk's eyes water, and level up so many times you're higher than the empire state building, then you might be ready to take on our Ultimate Fortnite: Save The World Trivia Quiz!


What company make Fortnite: Save The World?

2/12 Earth Quiz

What planet is Fortnite: Save The World set on?

3/12 Puzzled girl in front of zodiac signs

What best describes the game?


What is a "Husk"?


Where did Husks come from?


What was the Fortnite: Save The World Halloween special called?


7/12 Loot boxes are represented by which anima (in piΓ±ata form)?

8/12 A brave knight

What does SSD stand for?


What does an SSD do in Fortnite: Save the World?


Fortnite: Save the World, is just one of the three Fortnite gameplay modes. Which of these is another?


Fortnite: Save the world, is just one of the three Fortnite gameplay modes. Which of these is another?


True or False: It is possible to unlock a herd of zombie pigs in Fortnite: Save The World. The pigs will follow you round and protect you from husks

Sea Wolf Jonesy says "Argh! Fail! You know NOTHING about Fortnite: Save The World."

Venturian says "Not bad! You don't know everything about Fortnite: Save The World, but at least you're not a complete FAIL!"

Guardian Penny says "Epic! The world is in safe hands because you are a master of Fortnite: Save The World"