The Ultimate George Ezra Quiz

How well do you know this super-smooth pop crooner? Take this quiz to find out!

Image by @george_ezra | instagram

Which of these ISN'T a real album by George Ezra?


George is from Bristol, UK. Whereabouts is this?


Finish this lyric:

I'll be riding shotgun
Underneath the....

Image by @george_ezra | giphy

Who's this old duffer with the gong?

Totally Random Question

Have you ever challenged your teachers on any of the rules in school?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

Complete the name of this song by George Ezra:

Did you hear the___

Image by @george_ezra | instagram
Image by @george_ezra | instagram

George really likes doing puzzles. True or false?

Image by George Ezra | Joel Pott | SME | Marc Oller
Image by George Ezra | Joel Pott | SME | Marc Oller

What kind of animal is in the music video for Don't Matter Now?

Image by Taylor Swift | Delicate | Big Machine / Republic | Joseph Kahn

George Ezra owes Taylor Swift a tenner from like, 4 years ago. True or false?

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