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The Ultimate George Ezra Quiz

How well do you know this super-smooth pop crooner? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2023
@george_ezra | instagram

Which of these ISN'T a real album by George Ezra?


2/8 George is from Bristol, UK. Whereabouts is this?


Finish this lyric: 'I'll be riding shotgun, underneath the....'

@george_ezra | giphy

Who's this old duffer with the gong?


Complete the name of this song by George Ezra:Did you hear the___

@george_ezra | instagram

George really likes doing puzzles. True or false?

George Ezra | Joel Pott | SME | Marc Oller

What kind of animal is in the music video for Don't Matter Now?

Taylor Swift | Delicate | Big Machine / Republic | Joseph Kahn

George Ezra owes Taylor Swift a tenner from like, 4 years ago. True or false?

@george_ezra | instagram

Uh oh! George is not happy with this score. Quick - run away!

@george_ezra | instagram

Not bad - but George isn't TOO impressed. Try another quiz?

@george_ezra | instagram

Good job! George is pleased with this score!

@george_ezra | instagram

Yahoo! High score! You must be George's biggest fan!