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Ultimate Global Warming Quiz

Find out how up to the minute you are on the subject of global warming!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Global warming is only caused by natural factors.


Which country produces the most greenhouse gases?


Which other planet in our solar system shows the result of a “runaway" greenhouse house effect


All of these Arctic animals are under threat from global warming, but which is most threatened?

The Guardian | Giphy

Who's this climate activist?

Jurassic Park | Amblin Entertainment | Universal Pictures | Steven Spielberg

Which of these is caused by global warming?

Calum Heath | Giphy

Is it too late for Planet Earth?

You need a science lesson! Ask your teacher to explain global warming and suggest ways you can help save the world

Not bad! Ask your teacher to explain global warming. Perhaps you could think of some ways you could help save the world?

Future Climate Scientist!  Why don't you ask your teacher if you could do a presentation on global warming? Perhaps you could suggest some ways your class could help save planet Earth?