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Can You Ace This Ultimate Icycol Quiz?

Are you one of Icycol's biggest fans? Let's see if you can make it through this fun trivia quiz without spilling a single drop!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 23rd 2023

Icycol shot to TikTok and YouTube success over the last few years, and he's got MILLIONS of subscribers! If you number among them, this quiz will be a walk in the park. Can you get a top score, or will your glass be empty? Go on and find out!

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What's Icycol's real name?


What platform did he get started on?


Which US state is Icycol from?


What year was Icycol born?


Where does he live now?


What does Icycol do at the start of every video?


What's the name of the 2019 single he appears on?


What kind of videos is Icycol best known for?

Icycol |

What's the name of his best known series?


What was his first YouTube video called?

Oops - you spilled this one! Don't worry, you can always have another go!

Not bad - you got some in the glass! We bet you can get a higher score though - why not try again and see?

Almost full! Well done! We bet you can get full marks though - why not try again and see?

A perfect pour! You're Icycol's biggest fan - well done!