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The Ultimate Karl Jacobs Quiz

How much do you know about Karl and his gaming skills? Take our ultimate quiz and see just how well you know this streamer and gamer!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Karl Jacobs is pretty new on the scene but that doesn't mean there isn't loads to know about him! Test your knowledge on this awesome gamer and streamer in our ultimate quiz!

1/12 Hong Kong skyline

Where is Karl from?

2/12 Grey cat being stroked

What is his cat called?

3/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

When is Karl's birthday?

4/12 Woman cooking

How did Karl start off?

5/12 Twice music video screenshot
TWICE | YouTube

What's his favourite Kpop group?

6/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

True or False: he has joined the DreamSMP?

7/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

How many YouTube subs does he have?

8/12 Harry Potter house crests on stone background

What's his Hogwarts house?

9/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

What was his old YouTube channel called?

10/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

True or false; He has a brother and a sister?

11/12 Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs | Twitch

What's his most viewed YouTube video?

12/12 Silly looking vampire

Which of these does Karl enjoy?

Amazing result

Brilliant! You're Karl's number 1 fan!

Well done result

Nice work! Karl would be impressed!

Try again result

Uh oh, looks like you could do better, try again!

Oh no result

Oh no! You don't know much at all about Karl! Never mind, have another go and see if you score any higher!