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The Ultimate Lev Cameron Quiz

How much do you know about Piper Rockelle's bf? There's only one way to find out - QUIZ!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 30th 2023
1/12 Lev and his girlfriend wearing masks
@itsmelev | instagrm

OK! Let's start off eeeeeeasy! Who's Lev Cameron's girlfriend?

2/12 Some tasty soup

How did Lev Cameron first get famous?

3/12 A frog in a swamp

Whereabouts in the US do Lev and Piper live?

@levcameron | youtube

Lev and Piper are 100%, definitely going to get married really soon. True or false?

5/12 A screenshot of one of Lev's videos
@levcameron | youtube

Finish the title of this Lev Cameron video: MUKBANG WITH MY GIRLFRIEND____

6/12 David Cameron
@joemedia | giphy

Lev Cameron is the secret child of ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron. True or false?

7/12 Thumbnail for Lev's song Ghost
@Levcameron | youtube

What kind of music is Lev's song "Ghost"?

8/12 A screenshot of one of Lev's videos
@levcameron | Youtube

Guess the title of this video:

9/12 Some Dutch people cycle past a windmill

Which European country was Lev born in?

10/12 Lev and Piper share spaghetti
@itsmelev | instagram

Lev has starred in a few different TV shows, and also... what?

11/12 Piper and Frank
@frankpugan | instagram

Lev gave Piper Frank Pugan. True or false?

@levcameron | youtube

Lev makes what kinds of videos with Piper?

@itsmelev | instagram

Eeeep! Not a big fan of Lev and Piper then? Shhh! Just move on to a different quiz before they find out!

@itsmelev | instagram

Pretty decent! Lev and Piper don't seem THAT impressed though. Have another go?

@itsmelev | instagram

AWWWWW YIS! Nice work! Lev's pretty pleased with this! Can you beat this score on a different quiz?

YAAAAAS! High score! You know loads about Lev! You're unstoppable!