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Ultimate Life Hacks to Impress Your Mates!

Want to impress your friends with some great life hacks? Watch the video now!

1. Cake in a mug

Why make a whole cake when you can make a mini mug one?!

sweetco0kiepie | YouTube

2. Fruity ice

Impress all your mates with these sick ice cubes!  

Crafty Hackers | YouTube

3. Colourful torchlight

Make your torch shine in some sick colours! 


4. Shower cap hacks

Put a shower cap on your bike seat so it doesn’t give you a wet bum!And put shower caps on your fave shoes in the mud to keep them super FRESH!

5-Minute Crafts | YouTube

5. Glitter lamp

They’re perfect for sleepovers!

DreamWorksTV | YouTube