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The Ultimate Milli Jo Mcloughlin Quiz

How much do you know about this McLoughlin sister? Take this TikTok-tastic quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 30th 2023
1/12 Megz and Milli
@megzhanaofficial | instagram

How many sisters has Mili got?

@milzzjo | instagram

Mili is on the left in this picture. Or is she on the right?

@milzzjo | instagram

Milli is older than Megz. True or false?

4/12 Some clogs

Milli Jo and Megz are from Liverpool. Which of these things is Liverpool most famous for?

@milzzjo | instagram

What football team does Milli Jo support?

@tiktok | giphy

Milli and Megz are on Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram...and probably more things. But what are they MOST famous on?

@milzzjo | instagram

Which of these people regularly features in Milli and Megz' videos?

8/12 Dolly Parton drinks tea
@londontheatre | giphy

Which of these is a REAL Youtube video from Milli and Megz?

maxx.catley | instagram

Who's this guy?

@Mcloughlin Girls | youtube

Complete the title of this video from their Youtube channel: Turning into...


Milli's birthday is the 5th January - what star sign does this make her?

@itsiconhouse | instagram

How did the McLoughlin girls get famous?

@Millzjo | instagram

Uh oh! Milli isn't best pleased! Better try a different quiz, quick!

Not bad! You can do better though. Tr another quiz?

@Millzjo | instagram

Good work! Look how pleased Milli is! Can you beat ths score on a different quiz?

@Millzjo | instagram

Wahoo! High score! Great work! Fancy more Tik Tok quizzes? We've got plenty more!