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The Ultimate Penny Boards Quiz

How much do you know about Penny Boards, where they come from and what they can do? Take our quiz and see if you're the ultimate skateboarding genius!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Feeling board? Take this awesome Penny Board quiz and test your skateboarding knowledge!

1/12 Cat on skateboard with egg

Why are they called Penny Boards?

2/12 Dog on skateboard  with splat

What's the name of the inventor?

3/12 Dog on skateboard with paw in corner

When were penny boards invented?

4/12 Three dogs on skateboard with question mark and splat

What's a Penny Board's weight limit?

5/12 Cat on skateboard with sunglasses

What are they made of?

6/12 Dog on skateboard with sunglasses and splat

What's it called when you ride a Penny Board without doing any tricks?

7/12 Cat on skateboard with dancing kitten

Do Penny Boards come assembled or do you have to build them?

8/12 Puppy on skateboard with emoji

True or false: there is an annual Penny Board championships for dogs?

9/12 Dog on skateboard  with pineapple

What's the technical name for a Penny Board?

10/12 Dog on skateboard with sunglasses

What's the biggest advantage of a Penny Board?

11/12 Dog with skateboard in mouth

True or false: A Penny Board is great for a beginner?

12/12 Dog on skateboard  with screaming cat

What colour do Penny Boards come in?


Wow, you know everything there is to know about Penny Boards!


Well done, you're obviously a skateboarder!


Not bad, but you could know more about Penny Boards! Try again!


Uh oh, you don't know anything about Penny Boards! Maybe you're thinking of Penny Loafers, the shoe? Have another go!