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Ultimate Seaside Quiz: Can You Sail Through It?

Oh we do like a quiz about the seaside, oh we do like a quiz about the sea, there are lots by all the rest, but the Beano’s are the best… About the seaside… About the sea!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2022

Jump into this bracing quiz about the seaside. The water’s lovely. Apart from that brown, frothy patch. That’s definitely sewage.


1/10 Which of these animals doesn’t live at the British seaside?

2/10 Stray Kids food question

Which of these is a traditionally seaside meal?


And who will almost certainly steal your chips?


Which off these coastal ecosystems won’t you find on the British Coast!


Which of these towns isn’t a seaside resort?

6/10 A person thinking about spelling

Where is the world’s longest pier?


Which of these attractions wouldn’t you find in the seaside town of Margate, England?


What is the name of the tallest cliff in the UK?

9/10 Definitely not Mersea Island

What’s special about the road that links Mersea Island (not the island below) to mainland Britain?


What sort of animal is a lobster?

Landlubber. You’ve probably never even seen the sea! Have an average sandcastle!

Not bad! You’re a seaside expert. Have a crab with a decent sandcastle!

Coastal Genius. There’s nothing about the seaside you don’t know. Maybe you can explain to us how they get the writing inside a stick of rock! Have an epic sandcastle!