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The Ultimate St David's Day Quiz

It's one of the biggest days in everyone's calendar - but how well do you know this Welsh national holiday? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 11th 2023

St David's day is all about remembering the 6th Century Saint, St David - but it's much more than that, too! Let's find out how much you know about this national holiday - from it's origins, to how it's celebrated today, to what all those leeks are really about!

Ready to see how your trivia skills stack up? Well, let's start with the little things...


Let's start off easy! St David is the patron saint of which country?


What vegetable is important for St David's day celebrations?


When St David was alive, he was unusual because he didn't eat something. What didn't he eat?


When is St David's day?


How do you celebrate St David's Day?


Some say St David performed miracles. Which one of these is NOT meant to have done?

7/10 A man with a magnifying glass in front of Welsh flag

What is St David meant to have said when he died?


Sometimes people hold leek-eating contests on St David's Day. True or false?


Which famous writer mentioned St David (and made a joke about leeks)?

10/10 Kids, You're the best!

How do Welsh people follow St David's advice to "do the little things"?

Bah! This isn't very festive! You'd better swot up on your St David's Day knowledge and have another go at this quiz! But don't worry if you'd rather not - we've got plenty more cracking country quizzes for you to try! Quizzes for everyone!

Decent! This score isn't half bad! You clearly know a few things about St David's day - but unfortunately you still slipped up on a few questions. Do you know where you went wrong? Let's have another go and see if you can score even higher!

Yea! This is a really good score! Well done! You must be Welsh - right? Or at least Wales' biggest fan? Either way you should be proud of this score. You just missed out on full marks - but not to worry. Let's try another quiz and see if you can beat this score!

Wow! This is the perfect score! You nailed this! Is there anything about St David's day you don't know? If there is - we don't want to hear about it! Now, can you match this 10/10 on a different country quiz? Let's find out!