Ultimate Taylor Swift Reputation Quiz

How much do you know about Tay-tay's album Reputation? Find out with this delicate pop quiz!

Image by @taylorswift | instagram

Ok, let's start off with a really hard one! How many albums did Taylor make BEFORE Reputation? Hands up who knows the answer!

Image by Taylor Swift | Look What You Made Me Do | Big Machine | Joseph Kahn

Complete the first line from Look What You Made Me Do:

I don't like your little...

Image by Taylor Swift | Shake It Off | Big Machine / Republic | Mark Romanek

The track Shake it Off is on the album Reputation. True or false?

Image by @taylorswift | instagram

Which one of these is NOT a song on Reputation?

Image by @teddysphotos | instagram

Which pop star makes a very quick appearance on Reputation?

Image by @taylorswift | instagram

What's Taylor's cat called?

Image by Taylor Swift | You Need To Calm Down | Big Machine / Taylor Swift Productions | Drew Kirsch and Swift

You Need To Calm Down is on Reputation. True or false?


Which of these instruments is never used in Reputation?

Image by @taylorswift | instagram

Taylor Swift helped produce the music on Reputation, as well as sang on it. True or false?

Image by @taylorswift | instagram

Finish the lyric from Gorgeous:

You should take it as a compliment

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