Ultimate Vegetarian Quiz

Are you the Ultimate Vegetarian?

Image by The Good Dinosaur | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar | Ream | Sohn

Which one of these dinosaurs was herbivorous?


Which of these is a true vegetable in the scientific sense?

Image by Ratatuille | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar | Ream | Sohn

Which of these dishes is suitable for a vegetarian?

Totally Random Question

Looking at the statements below, please tell us which ones you agree with, that best describe you?

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Why might a vegetarian quiver at the sight of jelly?

Image by @leomessi | Instagram

Is this guy is a vegetarian during the football season?


Why might a vegetarian be sniffy about cheese?

Image by Sesame Street | Sesame Workshop | PBS

Which of these is a reason someone might be a vegetarian?

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