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Wildlife Quiz to Make You Paws for Thought

You’ll need to go full on Beast Mode to crush this Wildlife Quiz! How much do you know about Wildlife?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2022

Feline confident? You shouldn’t bee! Even if you’re un-bear-ably smart you’ll find this roarsome Wildlife quiz harder to crack than an armadillo in a defensive posture! Are you the king of the jungle or are you destined to be a dirt-dwelling detritivore. How much do you know about Wildlife? Find out now!


What type of ape is this guy?


This is a baby… what?


Which of these animals is most closely related to the Red Panda


What sort of cat is this?


5/10 What colour do the ears of a Tasmanian Devil glow?


Yes it’s a turtle. But what is a turtle?


Where would you find this guy?


Do gibbons have tails?


What’s weird about the Duck Billed Platypus?


Where would you find this Hare?

I’m afraid you have Wormlike Wildlife Knowledge! Try again to get a higher score!

Mouse Brain! It’s not such a bad score. At least you’re cleverer than a worm. Try again to get a higher score!

Leader of the Pack! You know more about wildlife than the average person. Have another go to see if you can become King of the Jungle!

Epic Score! You’re the King of the Jungle (or more correctly the African Savannah as this is a picture of a lion?) You’re the boss of all wildlife quizzes!