Ultimate YouTube Christmas Quiz!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for YouTube fans. Test your trivia in the festive quiz!

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Image by Zoella | YouTube

Zoe Sugg once released her own advent calendar. How many windows did it have?

Image by Tiana Wilson | YouTube

In the run up to Christmas, Tiana Wilson made a special appearance at which shopping centre?

Image by Holly H | YouTube

Holly H was named after the prickly festive plant. True or false?

Image by Wengie Music | YouTube

Wengie released a Christmas song in 2018. What was it called?

Image by TheOrionSound | YouTube

Who hosted a special Christmas-themed quiz with LDShadowLady?

Totally Random Question

Which of these have you been using in the past week to “see” your friends?

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Image by Miranda Sings | YouTube

Why would Miranda Sings get gifts for the Ballinger family?

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

What's the title of this festive DanTDM YouTube video?

Image by Brent Rivera | YouTube

What was the name of Brent Rivera's Christmas song which was released in 2017?

Image by Tekkerz Kid | YouTube

Who 'called' Tekkerz Kid in the run up to one Christmas? 

Image by Ballinger Family | YouTube

Where do the Ballinger Family celebrate Christmas?

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