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Video Quiz: Can You Guess Who These Real Life Cartoons Are?

We turned some of our favourite cartoon characters into terrifying real life versions of themselves. Can you recognise them all?

What with Aladdin and Lion King soon to come into the real world with some live action remakes, we didn’t want other cartoon characters feeling left out. That’s why we got our top scientists to build The Toon-inator 2000 – a high-tech machine that can transform our favourite characters from Adventure Time to The Amazing World of Gumball into real life versions of themselves.

Can you guess who they all are? Do you know your Steven Universe from your Scrooge McDuck?

We didn’t expect them to come out quite as creepy looking though (especially Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls)! Even Spongebob Squarepants looks more like Spongebob Strange-pants! Teen Titans Go!? More like Teen Titans NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!
Oh well – you live and learn! It’s all in the name of SCIENCE!