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Walt Disney World Quiz for Magical Moments

Disney World is a place like no other, a magical oasis in the heart of America! But how much do you know about the enormous theme park?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 31st 2022

From Mickey to Dumbo, Star Wars to Goofy, Disney World has it all! For so many people it's one of the most magical places on Earth and full of amazing things to make your dreams come true! If you think that maybe one day you'd like to visit yourself, or even if you already have, why not test yourself with this Disney World quiz!?


Where is Walt Disney world?


How many bricks make up the Cinderella Castle?


How many people visit Disney World each day on average?


What can you NOT buy in Disney World?


When did Disney World open


How many Hamburgers are eaten at Disney World each year?


What is the oldest ride in Walt Disney World?


How many cats live in Disney World?


You are never how far away from a bin at Disney World?


How many hidden Mickeys are there in Disney World?

Not a bad effort! We can tell you tried, but it might be worth having another go? You don't want to look silly when Mickey asks you a question after all!

Nice work! You're knowledge of Disney World is definitely getting there, well done! Remember, if you want to get a better score you can always take the quiz again!

Ah yeah! Nice work, you must be grinning like a Cheshire cat with a score like that! We're impressed, and you should be very happy with yourself!

Wow, simply wow! We're very impressed! You've gotten full marks - do you secretly live in Disney World? With answers as accurate as these you must do!