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Join The All-New Beano Fan Club!

Here's why you should become a member of the biggest, best, most blam-tastic club in town!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 11th 2024

Woop woop!

Have we got some BIG, EXCITING and PRANK-FILLED news for you!! (That's the best kind of news, right?).

We've got a totally brand new but still utterly blam-tabulous Beano Fan Club which YOU can be a part of!

Becoming a member of our new Beano Fan Club Membership will help unlock some gnawsomely awesome Beano extras and will give you access to exclusives throughout the year.

And not only that - it also includes special activity issues, the Beano annual plus - you guessed it, a Fan Club Pack with that classic fluffy Gnasher badge.

There's always a new exclusive extra for your Beanotown enthusiast to look forward to with Beano Fan Club Membership.

There loads more to discover and prank-stuffed extras to enjoy so to find out more plus learn how to get yourself a subscription to the MOST blam-tastic comic in the World, visit the Beano Shop by clicking the picture below...