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Wanted! Classic Dennis & Gnasher

See the show that inspired Joe Sugg to be brilliantly Beano!

Ever wondered what inspired Joe Sugg to be so brilliantly Beano?

Well, wonder no more, because we’ve tracked down the original Dennis and Gnasher video that helped to Joe to become the awesome, Dennis-a-like YouTube start he is today!

Of course, we’ve seen Dennis change a bit since this cartoon was first on TV but although he might look slightly different to the Dennis we know today, when it comes to pranks, he’s just the same – and in fact, so’s Joe!

So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a prankster (and a potential YouTube superstar) check out Dennis & Gnasher in this classic cartoon and you might find yourself inspired too!

(And if you don make it as a YouTuber superstar, remember to come back to Beano and let us know how you’re getting on!)