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Weird Pokéstops – Pokémon Go!

One of the best things about Pokémon Go! is exploring and finding new places around you. Here are some of the strangest stops that have been found so far!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2016

Teddy Bear Hugging a Tree

Is that a massive Teddy...or a tiny tree?

That Guy

I Love that Guy!

Questionable Statue

So many questions...


Looks like Pokemon Go! has even got trousers going outside

Big Dog

How is she floating in mid-air like that? What a talented pooch?

Playground of Doom

Seems like a fun place to play

Pigeon of DOOM

What's with all the doom?


Does whatever a!

Back End of a Cow

Perfect for stocking up on Poke Balls when you're on the MOO-ve

Huge Evil Frog

What are you plotting, Huge Evil Frog?

Climbing Man

This man at an airport in Germany is desperate to catch his plane...and his Pokemon!

Hungry Gorilla Looking for Some Smurfs

A noble quest

Rice Park Gator

An actual live alligator! Maybe best to leave it alone and just go get some Poke Balls from the Post Office.