What Am I? Riddle Quiz

Can you work out what this mysterious thing is?

So, you want to know what I am, eh? So do I!

Read these clues and see if you can work it out - and I'll owe you next time you forget who you are. Deal?

I'm not a box in space by the way - this isn't a clue. Or maybe it is. Don't ask me!

Clue 1

I like warm coastlines and wet, tropical places - but I don't eat ice cream. Well, I probably shouldn't eat ice cream.

Clue 2

I'm related to elephants, but I don't have tusks or a trunk.

Clue 3

I'm vegan, but still manage to eat a LOT. 

Image by Haggardblaz3 ve Giphy

Clue 4

In the olden days, sailors used to mistake me for a mermaid. Which is very flattering. Thanks, boys!

Clue 5

I don't have the same bones in my back as you, so if I want to turn around, I have to turn my WHOLE body. Talk about a pain in the neck.

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Ok, that's enough clues! Time to guess! What am I?

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