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What Animal Do I Look Like?

Giddy goat or more of a mongoose? Find out what animal you look like with this fun quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 10th 2022

Look into the mirror! Well, look into the quiz mirror, at least... the quiz mirror will reveal all! Are you graceful like a river bird? Or bloodthirsty, like a carnivorous creature of the depths? Only time (and this quiz) will tell, so hurry! The clock's a ticking! Take this quiz to discover your true self!

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How do you wear your hair?


How would you describe your smile?


To paraphrase Count Dracula - how would you describe your neck?


What do you want to wear today?


What is your best feature?


What colour is your favourite top?


Pick a habitat!


How do you walk?


You look like a Shark! You're quick, sleek, cool under pressure, and have a big toothy grin! Nice!


You look like a swan! You're elegant, graceful, beautiful, and have a tendency to 'glide' whenever you're moving. Nice!


You look like a cat! You're slinky, sleek, regal, well-groomed, and most people think you're adorable!


You look like a sloth! You're scruffy, cute and extremely chill. Though you may be a bit clumsy and prefer to laze around, everyone finds you absolutely adorable. Nice!