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What Breed is my Cat?

I'm definitely going to find out what breed my cat REALLY is in a Beano Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 14th 2021

If your cat was a YouTuber its channel would be about...?


If your cat played football who would it be?


If your cat could talk what would its first word be?


If your cat could go on holiday, where would it go?


What's your cat's favourite meal?


Where does your cat sleep?


What's your cat's favourite TV show?


Which answer best describes your cat's personality?


Which word best describes your cat's looks?


What world leader does your cat most admire?

Your cat is a Ragdoll Cat

Your cat's floppy and loving. Maybe it's a Ragdoll Cat. Or maybe it's just a nice cat? Who knows? What do you mean this doesn't sound very scientific. It's a Beano Quiz for goodness sake. What did you expect!

Your cat is a Siamese Cat

Oh dear, your cat's a bit stuck up. Maybe it's a siamese cat. Or maybe it just takes after its owner. What do you mean this quiz is rubbish. Hang on a minute... Are you judging me?

Your cat is a Sphinx Cat

So you cat looks a bit odd. Maybe it gives the neighbours nightmares when it appears at their window. Who care what anyone thinks. You love it and that's all it wants. Maybe it's a sphinx cat. Maybe it's just got mange.

Your cat is some sort of cat

We've put your cat through our highly complex algorithm (a CAT scan?) and we've discovered that it is definitely some sort of cat. At least we're 75% sure it's a cat.ย