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What Chapter is This Sentence From? The David Walliams Version!

Think you know David Walliams' books inside out? Take the quiz and see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

Try to match the sentence to the book in the picture - and good luck!

1/10 The Midnight Gang
David Walliams | HarperCollins

It sounded like the squeak of a shoe.

2/10 The Ice Monster
David Walliams | HarperCollins

“Creepy-crawlies are good for you!” she would chuckle.

3/10 The Boy In The Dress
David Walliams | HarperCollins

But John tested this love quite often by doing things he thought were funny, like sitting on Dennis’s face and farting. 

4/10 Grandpa's Great Escape
David Walliams | HarperCollins

Grandpa would tell his grandson that he would make “an excellent pilot one day”.

5/10 Awful Auntie
David Walliams | HarperCollins

The owl’s name was Wagner.

6/10 The Demon Dentist
David Walliams | HarperCollins

“Let me introduce myself. I am your new dentist. My name is Miss Root, but I ask all my little patients like you to call me ‘Mummy’.”

7/10 Gangsta Granny
David Walliams | HarperCollins

“Her TV doesn’t work, all she wants to do is play Scrabble and she stinks of cabbage!”

8/10 Ratburger
David Walliams | HarperCollins

“Shut ya face. I’m watchin’ TV and stuffin’ meself!” came the woman’s gruff voice from the lounge.

9/10 Billionaire Boy
David Walliams | HarperCollins

One day he had a daydream that was to revolutionise bottom wiping forever.

10/10 Bad Dad
David Walliams | HarperCollins

He was the greatest banger racer the town had ever seen.

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