What Colour Are These Blue And Grey Trainers?

There's a mystery afoot! People are seeing different things in this image of some shoes!

HEY YOU! What colour are these shoes?

Image by Facebook | Nicole Coulthard

Some people see grey and blue, while others see white and pink. It's like The Dress all over again!

(Remember The Dress? Some people saw it as white and gold, some as blue and black.)

The Dress
Image by Tumblr

Then there were these flip-flops, which are either blue and black or white and gold...

Image by Twitter | ‏@naosejatrouxa

This bag, which is either blue or white...

Image by Twitter | @whyofcorso

And this jacket, which is either blue and white or black and brown

Image by Tumblr

But which is it? Grey and blue, or pink and white?

Help us, please!

What colours do you see?


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