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What Do I Look Like Quiz?

Take this simple test and we'll reveal what you look like without even having to glance in a mirror!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 9th 2022

There's only one way to find out... quiz!

1/10 A woman with very long hair

What length is your hair?

2/10 A woman with very colourful hair

What colour is your hair?

3/10 A fancy dog in a bowtie and glasses

Do you wear glasses?

4/10 A superhero in a crash helmet and red cloak

What about a cloak?

5/10 A dog in a raincoat

Do you have a pet sidekick?

6/10 A man playing the accordion

Do you carry a musical instrument?ย 

7/10 A pair of clown shoes

What sort of shoes do you wear?

8/10 Smiling people

What mood are you in, judging by your face?

9/10 A superhero standing on a hill

Do you have a superhero outfit?

10/10 A cow with a red nose

Do you have a big red nose?

A clown

You look like: A CLOWN!

You're an explosion of colour and mischief! Hoooooonnnnnk!

A student wizard

You look like: A STUDENT WIZARD!

Your cloak and wand make you look like a student at a popular academy for magic!

Ed Sheeran

You look like: ED SHEERAN!

Your messy hair and guitar make you a dead ringer for pop legend Ed Sheeran!

A rubber chicken

You look like: A RUBBER CHICKEN!

You look permanently surprised by everything!