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Brain Bafflers! Which Side Are You On?

Have you cracked Yanny and Laurel yet? If so, don't worry, there's a whole world of internet bafflers left to explore!

It’s official! Yanny and Laurel have taken over the world.

Everyone from Liam Payne to the stars of Stranger Things have been racking their brains trying to work out what that tricky video is actually saying. In fact, it’s even got our Beano brains in a flap!

But that’s not the only illusion out there in internet land!

Talking toys

It’s not just Yanny and Laurel that are getting our ears in a twist.There’s this speaking toy – is it saying Brain Storm or Green Needle? We can’t work it out!

Nerd Out With Me | YouTube

Colour changing clothes

The question that broke the internet, apparently!Is this dress blue and black? White and gold? What is it? Tell us! Please!

spiked | Tumblr

Suspicious shoes

Look, next time mum and dad buy you a new pair of trainers, make sure you know what colour you want or else your shoes might break the internet, too!

dolansmalik | YouTube

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